6.2.8 Vehicle insurance

Auto insurance is mandatory if you own a vehicle. All Canadian provinces and territories require drivers to have at least liability and accident benefits/bodily injury coverage. Some provinces may require additional coverage. The insurance may be provided by public or private insurers or, in Quebec, by a combination of both.

Mandatory insurance

Optional insurance

Most auto insurance policies do not cover the loss of personal possessions, such as golf clubs, clothing or personal electronics, stolen from your vehicle. These losses are usually covered by your home or tenant insurance. Check your home insurance policy to find out if it covers the theft of personal items from your vehicle.

Vehicle insurance in your province or territory

The provinces and territories have a mix of public and private insurance systems.

For more information about vehicle insurance in your province or territory, visit the Car Insurance Where You Live section of the Insurance Bureau of Canada's website. You can also search online for "vehicle insurance in your province or territory."

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