Module 6: Insurance

No one plans to get in a car crash, experience a house fire or become seriously ill. And the likelihood of any one person experiencing all of these incidents is very small. But catastrophic events do occur. Insurance is a way to protect yourself and your family against the costs of unexpected events.This module covers the basic information you need to know about insurance. In it you will learn:

  • what insurance is and how it works
  • different types of insurance and what they are for
  • how to determine the insurance you need
  • how to buy the right insurance at the best cost.

By the time you finish this module, you will be better able to identify your insurance needs, know your options and choose the coverage that is right for you. You will learn what questions to ask when buying insurance and what to do if you need to submit a claim.Throughout the module, you will find learning tools that you can use now and in the future:

  • questionnaires and checklists to help you determine your insurance needs
  • calculators to add up the cost of insurance
  • a video to help you be a smart insurance consumer
  • an action plan of steps to track your progress as you manage insurance in the future.

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