External complaints bodies: know your rights

What are external complaints bodies

External complaints bodies (ECBs) are organizations that are independent from banks, authorized foreign banks and federal credit unions (all referred to as banks). They deal with customer complaints about banking services and products.

Banks must be a member of the:

ECBs provide a free and impartial review of complaints as part of a bank’s complaint-handling procedure. They can recommend a resolution for your complaint.

Moving to one external complaints body for banking

As of November 1, 2024, Canada will have 1 external complaints body (ECB) to handle complaints about financial products and services.

Your right to escalate your complaint to an external complaints body

You can ask the ECB to review your complaint against your bank if:

Learn how to file a complaint with an external complaints body.

Your rights when dealing with an external complaints body

If you’ve escalated your complaint with a bank to an ECB, you have rights when dealing with the ECB.

ECBs must:

Your right to file a complaint against an external complaints body

If you have a complaint or a problem with an ECB, try to resolve it directly with them.

If you can’t resolve your problem directly with your ECB, contact the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada (FCAC).

Find the complaint-handling process for your bank’s ECB.

When these rights apply to you

These rights apply when you’re dealing with an external complaints body.

Learn more about how your banking rights are protected.

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