About opioids, their effects, opioid related overdoses, naloxone, fentanyl, stigma related to drug and alcohol use, responding to Canada’s overdose crisis, talking about drugs, how to get help, and treatment for opioid use disorder.

About opioids

Opioid medications, overdose, effects of opioid use, help for opioid use disorder, related health risks.


How it works and where to get naloxone in your province or territory.


What stigma is, types of stigma, changing how you talk about drug use, and helping end stigma.


Signs and symptoms, how to respond to an opioid overdose, reducing the risk.


What makes fentanyl dangerous, effects, signs of overdose, opioid use disorder, withdrawal, and related risks.

Responding to Canada’s overdose crisis

Current federal actions, data, surveillance, and research on opioids and other substances, the Canadian drugs and substances strategy, and government programs.

Talking about drugs and alcohol

How to talk to your loved ones and health care provider about drugs and alcohol.

Get help

Resources and supportive services available in your community, including programs for Indigenous peoples.

Chronic pain

About chronic pain, resources to manage chronic pain, what we’re doing to help people living with pain.

Good Samaritan Drug Overdose Act

The Act helps encourage people to save a life during an overdose situation.

Opioid use disorder (OUD) and treatment

Risks of OUD, treatment, and opioid agonist therapy options.

Awareness resources for opioids

Opioid education resources including videos, factsheets, posters and more.


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