Statistical portrait of English-speaking immigrants in Quebec

Lorna Jantzen in collaboration with Fernando Mata
February 2012

This report provides a statistical portrait of immigrants in Quebec whose First Official Language Spoken (FOLS) is English. The portrait applies 2006 Census data results to a comparison of the demographic and socio-economic outcomes of immigrants in the two English-speaking FOLS categories (English FOLS and English-French FOLS) with the French-speaking category (French FOLS) within the Province of Quebec and in Quebec Economic Regions (ERs).

The views and opinions expressed in this document are those of the author(s) alone and do not necessarily reflect those of Citizenship and Immigration Canada or the Government of Canada. The authors would like to recognize the important contribution of Mike Musca (Canadian Heritage) who ran the detailed Census tables sourced in this paper. The authors take responsibility for the results produced in this paper and any mistakes are theirs alone.

This research was a collaboration between Citizenship and Immigration Canada and Canadian Heritage and was funded by the Quebec Regional Office, Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

Statistical portrait of English-speaking immigrants in Quebec
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