What Canada means to me: Citizenship week

Canadians are proud of their citizenship. We value the rights and freedoms and embrace the responsibilities that this status gives us.

To celebrate the Citizenship Week, learn more about what citizenship means to new Canadians in these videos.

True North Strong and Free: David Shentow

True North Strong and Free: Tahina Rabezanahary

True North Strong and Free: Rojas Family

True North Strong and Free: Guy Gérard Chabe Ngako

True North Strong and Free: Jonathan Mpunge

Reflections from new citizens

What is the one thing that best represents Canada to you?

“I immigrated because I couldn’t imagine a better place to live. What’s not to like? There is immeasurable beauty in this country, in both the landscape and the people. And, you play hockey!”

Diane Green, British Columbia

“Nature and Canada’s vast expanses. Canada is such a beautiful country. I’m looking forward to the privilege of enjoying all the freedoms and responsibilities that come with Canadian citizenship.”

Geraldine Buchanan, British Columbia

“The people in Canada are nice and it is the people that make this country safe and a good place to live.”

Marites Pareja, British Columbia

“For me, it’s multiculturalism and unlimited opportunity.”

Gillian Jamieson, British Columbia

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