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Start gathering your documents for your permanent residence application early

You should start getting your documents ready early to avoid delays when you apply for your permanent residence in Atlantic Canada.

Language test

You must take a language test and send the results with your application. You must do this even if you studied in Canada.

Learn about language testing for the Atlantic Immigration Program

Educational credential assessment

If you studied outside Canada, you need an educational credential assessment (ECA) report. This report shows how your education compares to a Canadian one.

Proof of funds

When you arrive in Canada, you need enough money to support yourself and your family. Find out how much money you should have when you arrive in Canada.

If you’re already living and working in Canada with a valid work permit, you don’t need to show proof of funds.

Other documents

There are other documents you must include in your application. Use the checklist in the application guide to make sure you have all of the documents.

You can start preparing your application now but you can’t submit it until you have all of the required documents.

Get a settlement plan

After you get a job offer from a designated employer, you need to get a settlement plan.

A settlement plan will help you and your family adjust to your new home in Atlantic Canada. It will provide you with useful resources and contacts to help you feel welcome in your new community.

These plans are free.

If you’re already in Canada: You must work with a settlement service provider organization in the region where you’ll be working. Your designated employer can help you find one.

If you’re outside Canada: There are several settlement service provider organizations in Canada that you can contact. Check with your designated employer for recommendations.

If you prefer French as your official language: There are Francophone organizations that can help you.

Find a settlement service provider organization and get a settlement plan.

Settlement service provider organizations don’t know which employers are looking for workers. Don’t contact them to find a job.

Once you have your settlement plan, give a copy to your employer and keep a copy for yourself. If you’re not in Canada, bring the plan with you when you move to Canada.

Get your Certificate of Endorsement

After you have your settlement plan, the province must endorse your job offer. Your employer will handle this process. Don’t submit your permanent residence application until you confirm with the employer that your offer has been endorsed.

If the province endorses your job offer, you’ll get a Certificate of Endorsement in the mail. Include your endorsement certificate with your permanent residence application.

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