Check if you’re eligible

You can sponsor your own biological or adopted parents and grandparents if

Find out if you meet the income requirements

Before you apply, find out how much money you need to sponsor your parents and grandparents. You’ll have to prove you have this income in your application.

If you live outside Quebec

To become a sponsor, you must commit to financially support the people you’re sponsoring for a period of time. We call this commitment an undertaking.

The undertaking commits you to

Also, you and your sponsored family members need to agree to certain responsibilities during the undertaking period. We call this the sponsorship agreement.

The sponsorship agreement means that

This agreement is still valid, and you must still cover basic needs for the period it covers, even in the case of

When you apply, you’ll have to complete and sign a form that includes the undertaking and the sponsorship agreement.

If you live in Quebec

You must meet Quebec’s immigration sponsorship requirements after we approve you as a sponsor. The Quebec ministry in charge of immigration will assess your income.

If we approve you as a sponsor, we’ll send you information on what to do next.

You must also sign an undertaking with the province of Quebec. The length of the undertaking is 10 years for Quebec.

Who can’t sponsor a parent or grandparent

You can’t sponsor your parents and grandparents if

You may not be eligible to sponsor your parents and grandparents if you

There may be other reasons that make you ineligible to sponsor your parents and grandparents. If we determine you’re not eligible to sponsor, we’ll tell you why.

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