Health care in Canada: Stay healthy after you arrive

On this page, find useful information about how you and your family can stay healthy after you arrive in Canada.

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Make sure you’re vaccinated

Vaccinations and immunizations can help protect you and your children from serious diseases. Vaccines are important for both children and adults.

If you or your children are in Canada and haven’t been vaccinated, contact a doctor or local vaccine clinic to schedule an appointment.

Get more information about vaccinations and immunization, including

Get your children vaccinated for school

In some provinces and territories, parents need to provide proof that a child has been vaccinated or immunized when enrolling them in public school.

Before school starts, make plans with your doctor to have your children vaccinated. Your doctor can explain which vaccinations your children need. You can also contact a public health clinic in your area to arrange vaccinations.

Download “A Parent's Guide to Vaccination”. Available in multiple languages.

Get help if you’re pregnant

Doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals, like midwives and doulas, can help you manage your pregnancy and make plans for your delivery. You can talk to them about many pregnancy-related topics, including

  • prenatal development
  • prenatal courses
  • maternity
  • sexual health
  • childbirth
  • nursing care
  • registering the birth
  • getting an official birth certificate
  • meeting other new parents

Contact your local health care provider or hospital to get help and support before and after your baby is born.

If you’re working while pregnant

If you’re pregnant and still working, you may be able to take some paid leave. Employment Insurance gives benefits to eligible parents who are expecting or have recently had a baby.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle and habits

There are things you and your family can do to stay healthy and prevent illness or injury. For example, eating healthy food and being physically active can improve both your physical and mental well-being.

Your mental health is an important part of your well-being. We’ve collected resources that can help you with everything from the stresses of everyday life to managing a mental health crisis.

Healthy eating can help prevent illness and boost your energy.

Physical activity is also a big part of staying healthy.

To help you and your family stay active, you can also find activities hosted by local community centres, municipal recreation programs, local schools and even Canada-wide organizations.

Best of all, Canada has many beautiful and accessible local and national parks, beaches, and trails that are a great option for anyone interested in staying active outdoors.

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