After you apply

Working while we process your application

You can work full-time until we make a decision on your work permit application if you

If you received the WP-EXT for PGWP (IMM 0127 E) letter

You’re authorized to work until a decision is made on your work permit application, even if the 180-day validity period has expired. If you need proof of authorization to continue working, you can ask for it by using our web form.

If these conditions apply to you and you need to prove to an employer that you’re eligible to work, provide the employer with a copy of all the required documents.

If these conditions don’t apply to you, you must wait until your work permit arrives to begin your new job. It’s illegal to work in Canada without authorization.

If we refuse your work permit, you must stop working the day we notify you.

Do you also need to apply for a visitor visa or eTA?

If you apply from outside of Canada

We’ll issue you a new visitor visa or electronic travel authorization (eTA) when we approve your post-graduation work permit application.

If you apply from inside Canada

If you need a visitor visa to enter Canada, we won’t issue you a new one when we approve your post‑graduation work permit application. You’ll need to apply for a new visitor visa separately, if your current one is expired and you want to travel outside of Canada.

If you need an eTA to enter Canada by plane, we’ll issue you one when we approve your post-graduation work permit application.

Travelling outside of Canada

If you’re in Canada and want to travel outside of Canada, you must have a valid visitor visa or eTA. If you don’t have a valid visitor visa or eTA when you return to Canada, you may not be let back into the country (even if you have a valid post-graduation work permit).

If you leave and re-enter Canada after applying for your post-graduation work permit, you can still work full-time while you wait for a decision. Leaving and re-entering Canada does not stop you from being able to work full-time while you wait.

When you arrive in Canada, you’ll meet a border services officer, who will make sure you meet some basic requirements. To enter you Canada, you must

Spouses or common-law partners

If we approve your application for a post-graduation work permit, your spouse or common-law partner may be eligible for an open work permit. Answer a few questions to find out what type of work permit they may be eligible for.

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