Find a French-speaking or bilingual worker to fill a position outside Quebec

Contact an outreach officer to recruit foreign workers

To find foreign workers from a Francophone country to fill temporary job openings, submit a job profile form to an outreach officer. This form must be filled out in both English (PDF, 338 KB) and French (PDF, 283 Ko), and both versions must be submitted.

Several countries offer free services through public employment agencies (PDF, 1 MB) that are available to all Canadian employers who want to hire a French-speaking foreign worker to work in Canada outside Quebec. We can connect you to these services, which will help you find foreign workers and support you through the recruitment process.

Through these services, you can recruit foreign workers from a number of countries, including

Recruiting on Job Bank

To find a qualified worker, you can post your job on Job Bank. You’ll be able to

Consider posting the job requirements in both official languages. You can also list French language competencies to find bilingual qualified workers.

Sign up for Job Bank

The Destination Canada Mobility Forum

The Destination Canada Mobility Forum 2023 will take place

The event connects Canadian employers with skilled French-speaking or bilingual foreign workers in a variety of fields, such as

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