Hiring an overnight camp counsellor through the International Mobility Program

Overnight camp counsellors work at camps where the campers and camp counsellors stay overnight for more than a weekend.

If you’re hiring a seasonal (June to September) overnight camp counsellor, you’re exempt from getting a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) under LMIA exemption code C20. You need to apply for an LMIA if your seasonal employee turns into a full-year employee.

If you’re hiring a day camp counsellor, you generally need to apply for an LMIA.

To be eligible to hire a seasonal overnight camp counsellor, the offer of employment must be for

Pay your fees and submit an offer of employment

To hire an overnight camp counsellor, you’ll need to pay the employer compliance fee and make a job offer in the Employer Portal.

If the worker is exempt from paying the work permit processing fee, you’ll also be exempt from paying the employer compliance fee.  

Follow the instructions for hiring through the International Mobility Program.

Employer compliance

As an employer hiring through the International Mobility Program, you must comply with the employer responsibilities.

You may be chosen for an inspection to make sure you’re complying with the conditions.

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