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Status: Open to family members

H-1B visa holders can no longer apply

We reached the maximum of 10,000 applications for this initiative on July 17, 2023.

Family members of H-1B visa holder applicants can still apply

We introduced an additional temporary policy on September 27, 2023. If you applied as an H-1B visa holder, your family members can apply for an open work permit under this policy.

Deadline to submit: September 27, 2024

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Your fingerprints and photo (biometrics)

In most cases, you need to give your biometrics if you haven’t given them in the last 10 years. If you need to give them, we’ll send you a biometrics instruction letter (BIL). Follow the instructions on your BIL. Book your biometrics collection appointment as soon as you can to avoid processing delays. Find out how to give biometrics.

How we process your application

We’ll check your application to make sure you have all the necessary documents, including biometrics.

If it’s incomplete, we’ll refuse your application without processing it.

An officer will also check that you

  • qualify for a work permit
  • you’re admissible to Canada

We may also ask you to

  • go to an interview with our officials
  • send more information or documents

There’s a new way to check your application status

Use the application status tracker(opens in a new tab)  to get updates about your application. To create an account you need your

If you applied for a work permit from outside Canada and your application is approved

You’ll get an approval letter that says you’re allowed to work in Canada. This letter is called the port of entry letter of introduction.

You should bring this letter with you when you travel to Canada and present it at the port of entry. This letter is not your work permit.

You’ll only get your work permit at the port of entry the day you arrive in Canada.

The work permit will outline

  • how long you can work
  • the conditions you can work under

If you’re a minor child who applied for a fee-exempt study permit from inside Canada and your application is approved

We'll mail the study permit to the Canadian address you gave us in your application.

If your mailing address changes before we approve your application, you must contact us to tell us your new address.

Extending your open work permit

If your open permit was issued with a validity period of less than 3 years, you may be eligible for an extension.

Find out more about open work permit extensions for family members of H-1B visa holders.

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