About the Canadian Rangers

The Canadian Rangers

The Canadian Rangers are a sub-component of the Canadian Army Reserve who live and work in remote, isolated, and coastal regions of Canada. They provide light-equipped, self-sufficient mobile forces to support Canadian Armed Forces national security and public safety operations within Canada. Canadian Rangers receive up to 12 days annual pay in addition to compensation for any official CAF taskings. 

Who are the Canadian Rangers?

Canadian Rangers are Canadian Armed Forces members who are always ready for service. They are on duty when they are training or when they are called upon during an emergency situation or a domestic operation. Unlike the traditional CAF promotion practices, Canadian Rangers elect their patrol leaders, Canadian Ranger sergeants. There are approximately 5,000 Canadian Rangers living in more than 200 communities who speak 26 different languages and dialects. 

Where are they based?

The Canadian Rangers Organization are divided into five Canadian Ranger Patrol Groups (CRPGs). Each CRPG has its own headquarters and a staff that is responsible for training and mentoring the Rangers and Junior Canadian Rangers in remote, isolated, and coastal communities across Canada, with the exception of Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick. Find out more about the five Canadian Ranger Patrol Groups and the ways Canadian Rangers protect Canada at the Canadian Rangers page. 

1st Canadian Ranger Patrol Group  Region	Northwest Territories, Yukon, Nunavut Number of Patrols	60 Number of Rangers	 1,725     2nd Canadian Ranger Patrol Group  Region	Quebec Number of Patrols	25 Number of Rangers	752    3rd Canadian Ranger Patrol Group  Region	Ontario Number of Patrols	20 Number of Rangers	591    4th Canadian Ranger Patrol Group  Region	British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba Number of Patrols	43 Number of Rangers	988    5th Canadian Ranger Patrol Group  Region	Newfoundland and Labrador Number of Patrols	32 Number of Rangers	929
Note: The demographic information found above is from fall 2018.
18 years old or older  3,929 male members (79%) and 1,056 female members (21%).

What tasks and operations do Canadian Rangers participate in?

Here are some examples of the assigned tasks that the Canadian Rangers fulfill:

For more information, consult our Canadian Rangers Tasks and Operations page and the Defence Administrative Orders and Directives 2020-2 – Canadian Rangers.

Looking for information on joining the Canadian Rangers?

Contact your local Canadian Ranger Patrol (CRP) to learn how to become a Canadian Ranger. Your local CRP can also inform you if it has any available positions.

If you are unable to contact your local CRP, you can contact your regional Canadian Ranger Patrol Group (CRPG) Headquarters. Contact information for each of the five CRPGs can be found by following the links listed in the Where are they based? section. Learn more by visiting the Canadian Rangers webpage.

Looking for more information about the Canadian Rangers?

Learn more by visiting the following web sites:

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