Military life events - important documents

Your personal circumstances will change throughout your military career. You may experience one or more of the following life events:

  • a change in emergency contacts,
  • a marriage or common law relationship,
  • parenthood involving birth or adoption,
  • a separation or divorce,
  • retirement,
  • a serious illness or injury, or
  • death.

Visit your unit’s orderly room regularly in order to update the following documents:   

  • The Declaration of Family Care Plan (FCP) (DND 2886) form — ensures your family has child care in the event of an emergency mobilization, planned deployment, or unforeseen situation. The Directive and Administrative Order of Defense (DAOD) 5044-1, Families provides more information. Contact your local Military Family Resource Centre to find out about available services in case of a difficult family situation.
  • The Emergency Contact(s) (CF 742) form — allows you to name the person you would like contacted first if something serious happens to you. Be sure to notify the person you choose, and ensure they are comfortable receiving such news.
  • The Next-of-Kin Identification (NOK) (DND 2587) form — lists the names of those you consider part of your immediate family and those closest to you. They are the individuals you want to receive certain benefits, such as travel expenses or bereavement support, should something serious happen to you. Have this conversation with those close to you.
  • The Designation of the Memorial Cross Recipients (DND 2105) form — indicates who you want designated as potential Memorial Cross Recipients.
  • The Naming or Substitution of a Beneficiary (CF-FC 2196) form — names the beneficiary for your Supplementary Death Benefit.
  • In the case of a change in your family situation, you may need a new will.
    • If you have a military will (CF form 30) — review the Defense Administrative Orders and Guidelines, DAOD 7012-1, Wills Preparation and Administration.
    • If you have another type of will, the criteria for wills vary according to province or territory.

* Please note that several of the forms listed above can also be located in the Defence Forms Catalogue (INTRANET).

An accident, serious illness, or death can occur without notice. Keep a copy of your military documents in a safe place, and let your loved ones know where you keep them.

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