Canadian Biosafety Standards and Guidelines

Safe handling of human and animal pathogens, toxins and plant pests in laboratories and containment zones.

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Canadian Biosafety Standard, Third Edition

Requirements for regulated laboratories and containment zones handling human or terrestrial animal pathogens and toxins.

Canadian Biosafety Handbook, Second Edition

View the biosafety handbook on safe and secure handling of pathogens and toxins in Canada.

Canadian biosafety guidelines

Guides to biosafety plans, handling, best practices and more in Canada.

Biosafety directives and advisories

Official communications about containment requirements for the safe handling of specific pathogens.

Canadian Biosafety App

Use our free app to find specific requirements using Apple and Android devices.

Facilities handling aquatic animal pathogens

Containment standards for facilities handling aquatic animal pathogens.

Facilities handling plant pests

Standards for facilities handling plant pests.

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