About the rapid antigen test initiative: Small and medium-sized organizations

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Who is eligible

You may be eligible to receive rapid tests from pharmacies if you:

Small and medium sized organizations need to follow provincial or territorial guidelines when implementing workplace screening programs.

How to register

Register to get rapid tests:

You will need your business number and a piece of government-issued identification document, such as a driver's licence.

You will also need to:

The individual signing the terms and conditions must have authority to enter into an agreement with the Government of Canada.

Picking up rapid test kits

Review the list of participating pharmacies.

Please call the pharmacy before going in to make sure they have kits ready for pick-up and to reserve your kits. The pharmacy may have to place an order to obtain kits on your behalf, so please allow for up to 7 days.

Test kits are provided for free by the Government of Canada. However, pharmacies may charge up to $14 per kit as a handling and training fee.
What to bring to a participating pharmacy once you've registered:

If a representative is picking up the test kits for you, they must bring a letter of authorization.

How to receive more rapid antigen tests

To receive additional test kits, you will need to report on your usage and obtain a new confirmation code. You will need to report on the:

You should screen each employee 2 times every week. There are 25 tests in each kit and we are suggesting that participating pharmacies dispense a 2-week supply.

On average, we expect about 20% of your employees to participate in the initiative so you may receive less test kits than expected.


Maria's Bagel Store has 30 employees who will be tested 2 times a week.

30 x 2 = 60
Each kit has 25 tests:
60/25 = 2.5 kits

The pharmacy can dispense a 2-week supply (2.5 kits x 2 = 5 kits).
Maria tracks her usage every week. When she is close to finishing her supply, she reports and reorders on the portal:
Week 1 - keep internal tally

  • number of tests used = 12
  • number of presumptive positive results = 0
  • number of negative results = 10
  • number of inconclusive results = 2

Week 2 - keep internal tally

  • number of tests used = 12
  • number of presumptive positive results = 0
  • number of negative results = 12
  • number of inconclusive results = 0

Aggregate reporting that is to be entered on the registration portal will be:

  • number of tests used: 24
  • number of presumptive positives: 0
  • number of negative results: 22
  • number of inconclusive results: 2

If you need help, you may speak to your pharmacist or contact us at: freerapidtestsforsmo-testsrapidegratuitspourpmo@hc-sc.gc.ca

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