CCDR Volume 47-11, November 2021: Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children


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Call for emergency action to limit global temperature increases, restore biodiversity, and protect health: wealthy nations must do much more, much faster
L Atwoli, AH Baqui, T Benfield, R Bosurgi, F Godlee, S Hancocks, R Horton, L Laybourn-Langton, CA Monteiro, I Norman, K Patrick, N Praities, MGM Olde Rikkert, EJ Rubin, P Sahni, R Smith, NJ Talley, S Turale, D Vázquez

Decision analysis support for evaluating transmission risk of COVID-19 in places where people gather
V Hongoh, D Maybury, J Levesque, A Fazil, A Otten, P Turgeon, L Waddell, NH Ogden

Rapid Communication
Multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children in Canada
M Laverty, M Salvadori, SG Squires, M Ahmed, L Eisenbeis, S Lee, A Des Cormiers, YA Li

Rapid review of multisystem inflammatory syndrome in paediatrics: What we know one year later
M Striha, R Edjoc, N Bresee, N Atchessi, L Waddell, T-L Bennett, E Thompson, M El Jaouhari, S Bonti-Ankomah

The impact of vaccination status on importation of COVID-19 among international travellers
P Ronksley, T Scory, R Weaver, M Lunney, R Rodin, M Tonelli

Re-verifying the elimination of measles, rubella and congenital rubella syndrome in Canada, 2016–2020
M Saboui, J Hiebert, SG Squires, M Guay, P Barcellos, A Thom, YA Li

Epidemiologic Studies
Descriptive analysis of a tuberculosis outbreak from a northern Saskatchewan First Nations community—December 2018 to May 2019
N Ndubuka, B Klaver, S Gupta, S Lamichhane, L Brooks, S Nelson, G Akinjobi

An outbreak of COVID-19 associated with a fitness centre in Saskatchewan: Lessons for prevention
M Anderson, A Chhetri, E Halyk, A Lang, R McDonald, J Kryzanowski, J Minion, M Trecker

Invasive bacterial diseases in northern Canada, 1999 to 2018
G Huang, I Martin, RS Tsang, WH Demczuk, GJ Tyrrell, YA Li, C Dickson, F Reyes-Domingo, SG Squires

Letter to the Editor
A commentary on a flawed public health investigation
J Hardie

What is the evidence on the Delta variant among children?

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