Top 10 action items from the 2018 consultations

  1. Sign-up to receive an email confirmation when the CRA receives a document or a payment. 
  2. Upload up to 10 documents at once in the Submit documents online service.
  3. A new “Pay” button in the online portals will allow businesses to pay outstanding balances with the click of a button.
  4. Expand the Liaison Officer service to incorporated businesses.
  5. Represent a Client will be available for estate accounts.
  6. The Dedicated Telephone Service for tax preparers is becoming a permanent program.
  7. Business owners and their representatives will be able to print certain types of remittance vouchers.
  8. Create a new page that lists all CRA services available for businesses.
  9. Correspondence about objections will be available in the CRA’s online portals.
  10. Businesses will be able to watch new informational videos related to taxpayer relief and objections.

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