Minister Lebouthillier announces the Canada Revenue Agency’s return to Yukon

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September 1, 2017  - Whitehorse, Yukon - Canada Revenue Agency

The Government of Canada is committed to making the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) fairer and more useful and to making it easier for clients to access its services. The Government is making the North and remote communities a priority by proposing a new approach to better serve the residents of Yukon.

Today, the Honourable Diane Lebouthillier, Minister of National Revenue announced the CRA’s return to Yukon with more services than ever before. The project will operate from the Elijah Smith Building in Whitehorse and will offer tax services tailored to residents of the area. This announcement follows Minister Lebouthillier’s visit to Whitehorse last March, where she met volunteers with the Community Volunteer Income Tax Program (CVITP) at the Multicultural Centre of Yukon.

This initiative will focus on helping residents of Yukon fill out their tax and benefit returns to make sure they receive the benefits and credits they are entitled to. It will also help individuals and businesses get answers to a wide range of tax questions in a northern context. This will include raising awareness of region-specific credits like the northern residents deductions.

The cornerstone of the initiative is the CRA-supported tax preparation centre, where volunteers from the CVITP will provide advice to eligible individuals and help them with their taxes. CVITP members will undergo a rigorous and tailored training from CRA officers, and will be supported by CRA to ensure the quality and expertise of the services rendered.  If a volunteer is not available or if a tax situation is complex, clients will be able to use a dedicated phone line at the Elijah Smith Building to contact a CRA agent who specializes in tax questions specific to northern residents.

For Yukoners who need further support, CRA outreach officers will expand their activities under this initiative to include quarterly visits to Whitehorse, along with annual visits to smaller, remote communities. The officers will build more community partnerships to help northern and low-income residents do their taxes and apply for the benefits and credits they are entitled to. Yukoners will be able to make an appointment in advance with these officers.

Businesses will benefit too. Under this initiative, small businesses in Yukon can request assistance from the CRA Liaison Officer program. Liaison officers will be available on a quarterly basis to provide in-person guidance, support and information that will help business owners better understand and meet their tax obligations proactively.

To help Yukoners make in-person payments, the CRA recently rolled out a new payment approach that is particularly suited for northerners and those in remote communities. This new approach allows individuals or businesses to make a payment at any of the 16 Canada Post offices in Yukon (including three in Whitehorse). There is a Canada Post office 100 metres away from the Elijah Smith Building. Further, the CVITP members will also be able to assist individuals to make online payments from the computers located in the Elijah Smith Building.

The CRA will evaluate this new and invigorated approach as it rolls out, and determine whether this suite of services meets the needs of the unique realities of living in northern and remote communities.


“As Minister of National Revenue, I made a commitment to improve the CRA’s service model so Canadians across the country are treated as valued clients and not just as taxpayers. Our government has heard from people in Yukon about the challenges they face when it comes to meeting tax obligations and receiving benefits. To Yukon residents, I’d like to say we have heard you and we are making concrete changes. I’m proud to announce this new initiative, which I hope will improve tax services in Yukon region and help northern residents access the support they need to do their taxes and receive the benefits and credits that they are entitled to.”

- The Honourable Diane Lebouthillier, Minister of National Revenue

Quick Facts

  • There are many ways for Yukon residents to pay the CRA.

    In person:

    o    Pay at Canada Post – Individuals or businesses can now pay by cash or debit at any of the 16 Canada Post offices in Yukon with their personalized payment code which is generated online.

    o    Pay at a bank or other financial institution– most financial institutions offer in-person service in Whitehorse with a remittance voucher.


    o    The CRA has a wide range of online payment options.

  • For Canadians who have Internet access, but have difficulties with transportation, geographic isolation or mobility, the Government of Canada has many tools and resources available online, including CRA-certified software, some of which is free, and web applications that guide people through the process. For more information, go to

  • In 2016, almost 2,500 community organizations and 15,000 CVITP volunteers prepared close to 750,000 income tax and benefit returns for eligible individuals.


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