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Order remittance vouchers or payment forms

A remittance voucher is a slip that provides Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) specific account information and has to accompany your payments. A payment form is a document that provides a format or guidance on how to calculate an amount.

Personalized remittance vouchers for Individual instalments and amount owing are available for downloading and printing. Printable vouchers are currently limited to those used by individuals for payments at financial institutions, Canada Post retail outlets, or by mail. They cannot be modified for other payment options. They are identified below.

List of downloadable/printable remittance vouchers

Most remittance vouchers and payment forms can only be ordered. They cannot be printed because they are produced using magnetic ink, and financial institutions will not accept photocopies.

List of remittance vouchers and payment forms to order
  • GST34-2, Goods and Services Tax/Harmonized Sales Tax Return for Registrants - personalized
  • GST34-3, Goods and Services Tax/Harmonized Sales Tax (GST/HST) Electronic Filing Information, for TELEFILE and NETFILE clients - personalized
  • GST62, Goods and Services Tax/Harmonized Sales Tax (GST/HST) Return - (Non-personalized)-Internet only version
  • GST62-1, Goods and Services Tax/Harmonized Sales Tax (GST/HST) Return (Non-personalized) (SUMMERSIDE)
  • GST62-5, Goods and Services Tax/Harmonized Sales Tax (GST/HST) Return (Non-personalized) (SUDBURY)
  • GT16, Remittance voucher - personalized
  • INNS3, Instalment Remittance Voucher - personalized - or Download INNS3, Instalment Remittance Voucher - personalized
  • NR75, Non-Resident Tax - Account Information - personalized
  • NR76, Non-Resident Tax - Statement of Account - personalized
  • NR81, Non-Resident Tax - Notice of Assessment - personalized
  • NR82, Non-Resident Tax - Notice of Reassessment - personalized
  • NR83, Non-Resident Tax - Notice of Collection - personalized
  • NR92, Non-Resident Tax Arrears Remittance Voucher - personalized
  • NR93, Non-Resident Tax Remittance Voucher - personalized
  • PD7A, Remittance Voucher - Statement of Account for Current Source Deductions - personalized
  • PD7A-RB, Remittance Voucher (Twice Monthly) - statement of account for current source deductions, booklet for accelerated remitter - personalized
  • PD7A(TM), Remittance Voucher  (Twice Monthly) - statement of account for current source deductions, accelerated remitter - personalized
  • RC103, Third Party Remittance Voucher - personalized
  • RC107, Remittance Voucher for Current Source Deductions - (Non-personalized)
  • RC158, Remittance Voucher - Payment on Filing - personalized
  • RC159, Remittance Voucher - Amount Owing - personalized
  • RC160, Remittance Voucher - Interim Payments - personalized
  • RC177, Remittance Voucher - Balance Due - personalized
  • T7DR, Remittance Voucher - personalized - or Download T7DR, Remittance Voucher - personalized
  • T901, Remittance Voucher- personalized
  • T1191, Business Remittance - Amounts Owing - personalized
  • T1224, Trust Notice of Assessment - personalized
  • T1227, Trust Notice of Reassessment - personalized

If you need to keep a copy of your GST/HST return calculations for record purposes, you can use the printer-friendly version of the Goods and Services Tax/Harmonized Sales Tax (GST/HST) Return Working Copy.

How long it takes

Once an order is placed, online or by phone, it takes approximately 5 to 10 business days for you to receive it by mail.

How to order

Orders can be made online through the following portals:

You can only order the following remittance vouchers by phone:

  • Payroll (RP)
  • Charities (RR)
  • Information returns (RZ)
  • Remittance vouchers for a non-resident account

See "Other ways to order" below.

Other ways to order

By phone:

  • Businesses: 1-800-959-5525
  • Individuals: 1-800-959-8281
  • Softwood lumber: 1-800-935-0313
  • Excise and other levies: 1-800-959-5525
  • TIPS: 1-800-267-6999
  • Non-residents withholding tax (Part XIII):
    • 1-855-284-5946 (Calling from within Canada or the United States)
    • 1-613-940-8400 (Calling from outside Canada or the United States)

Other payment forms you can order

Workers’ Compensation Board of Nova Scotia forms:

  • W1, Payroll and Contract Labour Report, statement of account – personalized
  • W1-B, Statement of Account - non-personalized
  • W1-RB, Nova Scotia Workers' Compensation Board Remittance Booklet

Order by contacting the Workers' Compensation Board of Nova Scotia.

Financial institution tags:

  • RC78-31, Financial Institution Shipping Label – GST/HST/TAX/CUSTOMS/EXCISE (Winnipeg)

Order by calling 1-800-959-5525.

Help to complete your remittance vouchers

See Get help to complete your remittance voucher.

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