Enforcement notifications: compliance actions

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) advises the media of cases of people, corporations, and trusts convicted in the courts for tax evasion. The information released to the media is available to the public since it is derived strictly from court records and not from confidential information held by the CRA.

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Listing of enforcement notifications and of compliance actions
Date Description Province/Territory
2023-12-22 Calgary woman convicted of making false statements in the filings she made for over 50 individuals Alberta
2023-10-20 Trois-Rivières resident sentenced to an 18-month prison sentence for fraudulent claims related to over 60 fictitious children Quebec
2023-09-14 Director of temporary staffing agencies convicted of tax fraud for failing to report over $2.3 million Ontario
2023-09-08 Convicted of tax fraud: temporary staffing agencies’ director fined $999,000 Ontario
2023-06-26 Belleville solar energy business owner fined over $100,000 for GST/HST fraud Ontario
2023-06-20 Collecteur Project: heavy sentence for a third taxpayer involved in a money laundering network Quebec
2023-05-31 Ottawa landlord fined for tax evasion Ontario
2023-05-11 Saskatchewan Agri-Scientist fined over $86,000 for tax evasion Saskatchewan
2023-02-24 Collecteur Project: CRA joint forces operation leads to the conviction of two taxpayers guilty of tax evasion Quebec
2023-01-16 Millbrook business operator fined $500,000 for tax evasion Nova Scotia
2023-01-12 Burlington business owner sentenced to 36 months in jail for tax fraud Ontario
2022-12-02 Richmond Paradigm “educator” on the run for over a decade sentenced to jail for tax protester scheme British Columbia
2022-10-19 Eastern Ontario resident sentenced for fraudulent GST/HST refunds, Scientific Research and Experimental Development claims Ontario
2022-10-11 Appeal dismissed: West Vancouver businessman to serve 29 months in jail for real estate tax evasion British Columbia
2022-08-26 Repeat offender: Calgary man pleaded guilty and sentenced for tax fraud Alberta
2022-08-16 Directors of Greater Toronto Area temporary staffing agencies charged and property restrained in alleged $3.5 million tax fraud case Ontario
2022-08-16 Alleged $7.2 million tax fraud results in criminal charges for directors of Toronto temporary staffing agencies Ontario
2022-07-28 Richmond resident fined $75,000 for involvement in filing of a false tax return British Columbia
2022-07-18 Calgary driver examiner receives failing grade for role in tax evasion and he and his company fined over $159,000 Alberta
2022-07-04 Fraudulent nominee scheme: Montrealer sentenced for tax evasion Quebec
2022-06-24 Nova Scotia's self-described "housewives who make cupcakes" receive prison sentences and fines for $3.6 million fraud scheme Nova Scotia
2022-06-10 Tax fraud connected to the Scientific Research and Experimental Development Tax Incentive Program : two Quebec taxpayers sentenced Quebec
2022-03-28 Calgary land flipper sentenced for failing to report $7.5 million in land sales Alberta
2022-02-09 Three residents of Ontario’s Golden Horseshoe sentenced for tax evasion Ontario
2022-01-06 Toronto man sentenced for tax evasion after international investors swindled Ontario
2021-11-30 Ottawa convenience store owner sentenced for tax evasion Ontario
2021-11-09 Guilty plea lands Surrey real estate project manager a hefty fine for tax evasion British Columbia
2021-11-05 Calgary man guilty of using employment scam to steal identities for fake tax refunds Alberta
2021-10-29 Montréal resident sentenced for submitting false Canada child benefits claims for phony children Quebec
2021-10-28 Cornwall resident sentenced for fraudulently claiming Canada Child Benefits for phony children Ontario
2021-08-06 Halifax business owner sentenced to three years in jail and he and his companies fined over $600,000 for fraud and tax evasion Nova Scotia
2021-07-29 Conditional jail sentence and fine for Toronto resident guilty of GST/HST fraud Ontario
2021-07-21 Port Carling investment advisor guilty of tax fraud imprisoned following appeal of conditional sentence Ontario
2021-07-20 Brampton transportation services company owner sentenced for tax fraud Ontario
2021-07-09 Tax protestor scheme bites West Vancouver dentist British Columbia
2021-07-07 Winnipeg businessman fined for tax evasion Manitoba
2021-06-07 Bonnyville man fined over $269K and sentenced to seven months in jail Alberta
2021-04-15 Owner of Sudbury roofing business fined for tax evasion Ontario
2021-04-01 Surrey real estate developer charged with tax evasion British Columbia
2021-03-11 Two tax protesters sentenced to four years in jail for fraud Quebec
2021-02-26 West Vancouver businessman fined and sentenced to 29 months in jail for tax evasion British Columbia
2021-02-03 Bowmanville tax protester sentenced for tax evasion Ontario
2021-01-08 Montréal lawyer found guilty of tax evasion Quebec
2021-01-06 Halifax business owner fined over $113,000 for making false GST/HST statements Nova Scotia
2020-12-22 Calgary concrete contractor sentenced and fined over $41,900 for tax evasion Alberta
2020-12-17 Truro business owner sentenced and fined over $459,000 for filing false statements in his GST/HST returns Nova Scotia
2020-12-07 Brampton business owner receives jail sentence and fine for tax evasion Ontario
2020-11-04 Armoires Fabritec Ltée guilty of tax evasion Quebec
2020-10-05 Toronto employment agency businesses and owner sentenced for $1.6 million tax fraud Ontario
2020-09-28 London resident fined for failing to report two years of sales commissions Ontario
2020-09-10 Edmonton business owner receives conditional sentence and over $157,000 fine for tax evasion Alberta
2020-08-12 Summerside psychiatrist fined over $215,000 for personal and corporate tax evasion Prince Edward Island
2020-07-22 Richmond Hill resident sentenced for GST/HST fraud Ontario
2020-07-17 Calgary man allegedly used employment scam to steal identities for fake tax refunds Alberta
2020-07-08 After 10 years outside of Canada, a Toronto-area tax preparer is convicted and sentenced for making fake charitable donations claims Ontario
2020-07-08 Robert Kalfayan fined nearly half a million dollars for tax evasion Quebec
2020-06-19 West Vancouver businessman forged documents to avoid paying tax British Columbia
2020-06-09 Dartmouth businessman gets six month conditional sentence and fined over $52,000 for tax evasion Nova Scotia
2020-05-13 Vancouver mining consultant lands conditional sentence and fine for fraud and tax evasion British Columbia
2020-05-12 Chatham-area resident sentenced for fraudulently claiming Canada Child Tax Benefits for dozens of phony children Ontario
2020-02-28 Brampton tax preparer sentenced for fraud Ontario
2020-02-07 Richmond Hill tax preparer sentenced to jail term for tax fraud Ontario
2020-01-21 Grande Prairie restaurateur ordered to serve conditional sentence in million-dollar tax evasion case Alberta
2020-01-15 Vaughan-area general contractor who used GST/HST charged to clients for personal expenses is fined for evading taxes and withholding GST/HST Ontario
2019-12-24 Robert Kalfayan arrested for fraud and tax evasion Quebec
2019-12-18 CRA executes two search warrants in BC real estate sector tax evasion case British Columbia
2019-11-27 Ottawa tax preparer gets $250,000 fine and conditional jail sentence for tax and GST/HST evasion Ontario
2019-11-27 Kingston accountant sentenced for assisting client in tax protester scheme Ontario
2019-11-27 Newfoundland business operator fined $604,993 for tax evasion Newfoundland
2019-11-27 Conditional jail sentence and fine for Springwater investment advisor guilty of tax fraud Ontario
2019-06-17 Markham resident gets six months conditional sentence, fined for GST/HST fraud Ontario
2019-06-12 International tax evasion: CRA conducts 15 searches in Ontario and Quebec Ontario
2019-06-11 New Brunswick trucking company and owner guilty of tax evasion New Brunswick
2019-06-04 Former St. John’s business owner sentenced for fraud Newfoundland
2019-05-23 Winnipeg insulation company guilty of falsifying books and records Manitoba
2019-05-03 Anmore land developer and builder sentenced for tax evasion British Columbia
2019-04-10 Hamilton resident sentenced for fraudulent child tax benefit claims Ontario
2019-04-05 Conditional sentence for a Montréal tax protester Quebec
2019-03-28 Panama Papers: CRA executing search warrants in $77 million tax evasion case British Columbia
2019-03-11 Tax preparer extradited to Canada for tax fraud Ontario
2019-02-27 A Victoriaville tax protester sentenced for fraud Quebec
2019-02-12 Money laundering scheme: enforcement measures taken by the Canada Revenue Agency in a joint investigation with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Quebec
2019-02-01 Regina man fined and sentenced to jail term for tax fraud Saskatchewan
2019-01-30 Ingersoll transportation company fined for tax offences Ontario

Why the CRA seeks publicity on criminal investigation cases

The vast majority of Canadians pay their taxes. In fairness to all those law-abiding citizens, the CRA conducts compliance programs to ensure the uniform application of the laws it administers.

The CRA seeks publicity on conviction in the case of tax evasion. It does this to maintain confidence in the integrity of the self-assessment system, and to increase compliance with the law through the deterrent effect of such publicity.

The CRA may also seek publicity at different stages of an investigation, for example when information relating to the laying of criminal charges becomes available to the public through court records, to warn Canadians of potential fraud schemes.

If you have information about a suspected violation of any tax law, please contact the CRA Informant Leads Program.

The Voluntary Disclosures Program (VDP) promotes compliance with Canada’s tax laws by encouraging taxpayers to come forward to correct inaccurate or incomplete information and/or to disclose information that has not previously been reported to the CRA. Taxpayers may avoid penalties or prosecution if they make a valid disclosure before they become aware of any compliance action being taken by the CRA against them. These taxpayers will have to pay the taxes owing, plus interest.

For more information about the Criminal Investigations Program, go to Tax evasion, understanding the consequences.

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