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Pursue all other options before requesting a remission review

Remission is a rare and extraordinary measure. As such, we won’t consider all requests for review.

Generally, you must pursue all other options available to address the amount(s) before requesting remission. In most cases, there are other ways we can help you resolve the issue. For example, you may be able to:

Requesting a remission review does not stop collection actions

You should continue to make payments toward your debt while we consider your remission request. To review options to repay your debt:

When you owe money – collections at the CRA

Request a remission review

Before you can request a remission review, check if these circumstances apply to the issue that your request is about:

You need all of the above to request a remission review. For more information about the circumstances that may be considered, see When to Request a Remission Review. If your circumstances are unlikely to be considered for review, there may be other ways we can help you resolve your issue. See Pursue all other options before requesting a remission review.

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