Debt collection at the CRA

The CRA is now collecting defaulted Canada Emergency Business Account (CEBA) loans.

If you received a notice from the CEBA program and you are unable to pay in full or on time, contact us at 1-800-361-2808 for payment arrangement options. For more information, visit Canada Emergency Business Account (CEBA)

As a taxpayer, you help the economic and social well-being of all Canadians by paying your required amounts due to the government. Our focus is on helping you resolve your debts by applying the laws and regulations we administer in a uniform and fair way.

Services and information

Make a payment

How to make a full or partial payment to the CRA online, by mail, or in person

Pay your debt over time

Set up a payment arrangement online or by phone to pay off your debt over time

Call us if you can't pay on time

Talk to us about deferring a payment to a later date, making a payment arrangement and other options

What to expect when we contact you

Be aware of what we will ask you, and how to confirm it's really the CRA calling

If you don't pay your debt

How we contact you, consequences of not paying, penalties and interest, and how we may collect debt

How long a debt can be collected

Limitation periods of how long we can collect a debt, depending on the type of debt you owe

Types of debt collected by the CRA

We collect amounts you owe to the CRA and some other areas of the Government of Canada

How to process a garnishment

What to do if you get a requirement to pay (RTP) or demand on a third party (DTP) for someone else's debt

Collections policies

Policies that govern our collection of debts


What to know if you have a debt with the CRA

A basic introduction to debt collection at the CRA, such as how to work with the CRA if you can't pay and need to make a payment arrangement, and what may happen if you don't pay.

Current scams alerts - CRA

Stay up to date on the latest benefit and tax-related scams.

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