Monthly net income and expense worksheet

The Monthly Net Income and Expense Worksheet allows you to determine if you are financially able to meet your payment responsibilities based on your current personal or corporate financial situation. You can access the worksheet here.

Schedule a series of payments

The payment arrangement calculator (PAC) features are now available on the My Account / My Business Account secure portals. To see if you can use this option to pay your debt, go to How to schedule a series of payments.

To see different payment schedules to pay your debt over time:

  1. Login to My Account / My Business Account
  2. Select "Proceed to pay"
  3. Select "Schedule a series of payments"
  4. Complete the fields on the screen and select "Calculate"

You can use the results to set up a pre-authorized debit (PAD) agreement to address your tax obligations. Be realistic when using these tools and think about all factors that may affect your ability to continue payments for the entire period.


Any amount you owe is payable immediately upon (re)assessment. If you cannot pay in full immediately, please use the worksheet, then create a PAD agreement online.

These tools are available for your convenience. The reliability of the results depends on the accuracy of the information you enter. PAD agreements may be subject to periodic reviews and you may be contacted by the CRA.

You must adhere to your PAD agreement, continue to file all returns on time, and stay up to date with your tax obligations.

If you are not able to schedule a series of payments online, you should Contact the CRA to set up a payment arrangement. Our agents are available Monday to Friday (except holidays) from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m., Eastern Time.

After your transaction, there may be information stored in your computer’s browser cache. You should clear your browser cache to protect your information, particularly if you are using a public computer.

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