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Charities and other qualified donees represent the backbone of Canadian society, touching the lives of so many both in Canada and beyond our borders. Charities can be found in many spheres of life, such as education, religion, poverty relief, the arts, human rights, animal welfare, health care, and protection of the environment. Other qualified donees include municipal or public bodies performing a function of government, Canadian amateur athletic associations, registered journalism organizations, universities outside of Canada, and low-cost housing corporations for the aged. Given that charities and other qualified donees are exempt from paying income tax and donors can benefit from tax incentives for donations, they must adhere to the various regulatory requirements set out in the Income Tax Act. 

At the Canada Revenue Agency, the Charities Directorate is responsible for administering the provisions of the Income Tax Act to ensure that eligible charities and other qualified donees remain compliant with their obligations. We are committed to supporting charities and other qualified donees through fair and transparent decision making. We take an education-first approach to our work and offer a range of services to clients, which include a call centre, a written enquiries service, guidance products, educational web pages, charities information sessions and webinars, and the Charities Education Program. We also offer digital services through My Business Account, making it easier for charities to apply to become a registered charity and file their annual T3010 return. Finally, we make information available to the public through the List of Charities and other qualified donees.

Our staff is committed to the strength and vitality of charities and other qualified donees, as these organizations are important to the social fabric of Canada and the well-being of Canadians.

Sharmila Khare
Director General 
Charities Directorate

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