Application review process

When we first receive an application, we verify that it is complete (all the information and documents requested on the application form are included).

If we need clarification or more information

We may contact the applicant for more information and documentation to help us decide on an application. We may also offer the applicant the opportunity to amend its purposes so that they accurately reflect its activities. Generally, the applicant will have 60 days to respond. If the applicant:


If the organization would still like to become a registered charity after its file has been closed, it can re-apply. The organization will have to send us a new application with all the required documents for registration.

If we refuse to register

If we determine that an applicant's purposes or activities are clearly not charitable, we will send a letter stating that we have denied the applicant registration.

If we deny registration, an applicant can appeal the decision by filing a notice of objection to the following address within 90 days of the day our letter was mailed:

Assistant Commissioner
Appeals Intake Centre
Post Office Box 2006, Station Main
Newmarket ON  L3Y 0E9

If we approve registration

If we approve registration, we will send a notice of registration. This notice includes an organization's:

The notice of registration should be kept in a safe place - accessible to all authorized representatives of the charity.

Find out standard processing times

With the Check CRA Processing Times tool, you can quickly find out when you can expect us to complete your request or get back to you. To use the tool, select the relevant information from the drop-down menus, and it will display the length of time we expect it will take, based on our service standards.


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