About My Trust Account

My Trust Account is a service which provides legal representatives and authorized representatives with a secure and convenient way to manage trust information online.

This service allows you to view and update some account information (depending on your level of authorization) including address, direct deposit, and authorizing a representative.

My Trust Account is only accessible through Represent a Client which is:

For step-by-step instructions on accessing Represent a Client, go to Registration process to access the CRA sign-in services.

Registering for online access as primary trustees

Before accessing My Trust Account, a primary trustee must register for or sign in to Represent a Client (RAC). First time users will be prompted to create a RepID. Primary trustees should ensure that the name associated to their RepID matches the name on their CRA trust account.

The primary trustee must be the first to register for online access.

Once the primary trustee has signed in to RAC and has a RepID, they must:

  1. Select Authorization request, select your RAC identifier (RepID, BN or GroupID) from the drop down menu, and choose Trust client.
  2. Select Primary Trustee registration.
    1. You will need to provide information about the trust account as part of an enhanced validation process.

After being confirmed as the primary trustee of the trust account, you will receive immediate access to My Trust Account and be able to add additional trustees, or authorized representatives to My Trust Account. You access My Trust Account from the Represent a Client Welcome page.

Services in My Trust Account

List of services
Services Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Legal Rep/Trustee
Addresses or telephone numbers (view, update)   No   No   Yes
Arrange my direct deposit (start, update, stop)   No   No   Yes
Authorize my representative   No   No   Yes
View authorized representative   No   No   Yes
Submit documents   No   Yes   Yes
View trust identification   Yes   Yes   Yes
View Trustees   No   No   Yes
View account balance and statement of account   Yes   Yes   Yes
View mail   Yes   Yes   Yes
View return and beneficial ownership   Yes   Yes   Yes
Make a payment online   No   No   Yes
Request a remittance voucher   No   Yes   Yes

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