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RC4476-ON(E) Rev. 2022

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and ServiceOntario, are offering the Automated Benefits Application (ABA) service; a quick, easy and secure way to apply for Canada child benefits for your newborn. This includes the new Canada Child Benefit (CCB) and any related provincial/territorial programs the CRA administers.

After your child’s birth has been registered and with your consent, ServiceOntario will send the registration information securely to the CRA. The CRA will then determine if you are eligible for benefits.

How to register

If you are the primary caregiver of the child, a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident of Canada, and you are the person primarily responsible for the care and upbringing of your child, all you need to do is:


The primary caregiver refers to the parent who is primarily responsible for the care and upbringing of the child with responsibility for such things as supervising daily activities and needs, making sure medical needs are met and, arranging for child care. The person that is the primary caregiver is the person that should provide their SIN. The CRA may contact you if more information is needed.


When a child resides with a female parent in the home, the female parent is usually considered to be primarily responsible for the care and upbringing of the child and should apply for the CCB. However, if the child’s other parent with whom the female parent resides with is primarily responsible, they should apply. The CRA may contact you if more information is required. If the child lives with same-sex parents, only one parent should apply for all the children in the home.

The following information will be sent to the CRA, after your child’s birth has been registered with the Province of Ontario:


Your marital status information is not sent to the CRA. You must inform the CRA if your marital status has changed by using the online service “Change my marital status” at ”My Account,” or by completing Form RC65, “Marital Status Change,” or by calling 1-800-387-1193.


If you do not give your consent, the information you provided on the birth registration form will not be sent to the CRA. You will then have to apply for Canada child benefits by using the online service “Apply for child benefits” at ”My Account,” or by completing Form RC66, “Canada Child Benefits Application.”

If you give your consent on the birth registration form, the information you provided will be sent to the CRA automatically. Do not re-apply for your child’s benefits using the CRA online service, or Form RC66. Re-applying may result in a delay in processing your first application or issuing payments.

Payments and direct deposit

Once the CRA receives your application, you may expect your first notice/payment within 8 weeks.

The CRA uses information from your income tax return to calculate your benefit payments. To continue receiving your payments, you and your spouse, or common-law partner, must each file an income tax return every year, even if you have not received income in the year.

To receive your payments faster, sign up for direct deposit. If you already receive your benefit payments for your other children by direct deposit, you do not have to apply again. You will receive the benefit payments for your newborn in the same bank account.

You must inform the CRA of your new address each time you move, even if you receive your payments by direct deposit. To update your personal information, go to CRA’s “My Account” or call 1-800-387-1193.

To return to the Automated Benefits Application. You can also go to Canada Child Benefit (CCB) for information on the CCB and for links to related services and information.

Personal Information Collection Statement

Personal information is collected under the “Income Tax Act” and will be used to register your child for Canada child benefits, including related federal, provincial and territorial programs administered by the CRA. It may also be used for any purpose related to the administration or enforcement of the Act such as audit, compliance and the payment of debts owed to the Crown. It may be shared or verified with other federal, provincial/territorial government institutions to the extent authorized by law. Under the “Privacy Act,” individuals have the right to access their personal information and request correction if there are errors or omissions. Refer to Info Source Personal Information Banks CRA PPU 063 and CRA PPU 140.

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