Remit (pay) the tax you collected – How to remit (pay)

Remit at your financial institution

GST/HST return filed electronically

If you file your GST/HST return electronically using GST/HST NETFILE or GST/HST TELEFILE, you can still remit your GST/HST at your financial institution. Use Form RC158, Remittance Voucher – Payment on Filing to pay the amount owing. Do not use the remittance part of your GST/HST return.

Other remittance forms for GST/HST payments include:

These remittance forms are not available on the CRA's website as they are can only available in a pre-printed format. For more information, see Order remittance vouchers or payment forms.

What to do if you cannot pay

If you cannot pay your balance owing, you can make a payment arrangement. For more information, see When you owe money – collections at the CRA.

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