Home-purchase loan

A home-purchase loan is any part of a loan to an employee that the employee used to get or repay another loan to buy a residence. The residence has to be for that employee or a person related to that employee. This also applies to a shareholder or a person related to a shareholder.

To calculate the benefit for a home-purchase loan, see Loans received because of employment.

Once a home-purchase loan is established, the prescribed interest rate remains in effect for a period of five years. The amount of interest you calculate as a benefit should not be more than the interest that would have been charged at the prescribed rate when the loan or the debt was established.

If the term of repayment for a home-purchase loan is more than five years, the balance owing at the end of five years (from the day the loan was made) is considered a new loan. Treat the outstanding balance as a new loan on that date. To calculate the benefit, use the prescribed rate in effect at that time.

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