Canada Pension Plan (CPP) and Employment Insurance (EI) Rulings

How to get a CPP/EI ruling to determine if a worker is an employee or self-employed, whether an employment or earnings are pensionable, insurable, or both, how to get a certificate of coverage for CPP purposes for workers working abroad, and other matters relating to the CPP and EI.

Services and information

How to get a CPP/EI ruling

Request a ruling, time limit to ask for a ruling, ruling process

Have you received a CPP/EI ruling

Implications of a ruling, pay or request a refund of CPP contributions / EI premiums, appeal a ruling

CPP/EI explained

Articles on whether an employment is pensionable, insurable, or both for specific professions/industries, earnings, insurable hours, CPP coverage, CRA responsibilities

Guide RC4110 Employee or Self-employed

How to determine a worker’s employment status, employer/employee relationship, business relationship (self-employed)

International social security agreements and the CPP – certificates of coverage

Working abroad, detachments, applying for a certificate of overage for employees/self-employed workers

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