Can you claim moving expenses?

Employed or self-employed

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 If you have moved to a new home to work or to run a business out of a new location, you can deduct eligible moving expenses from the employment or self-employment income you earned at your new work location.

If you are an employee or self-employed, select one of the following:


If you move to Canada, from Canada, or between two locations outside of Canada, you must be a factual or deemed resident of Canada and the move has to be from the place where you normally lived to live in another place where you normally live.

Full-time student 

If you moved to be a student in full-time attendance in a post-secondary program at a university, college or other educational institution, you may qualify to deduct eligible moving expenses from the part of your scholarships, fellowships, bursaries, certain prizes and research grants that is required to be included in your income.

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Student in full-time attendance


If you moved out of Canada to attend a post-secondary institution, you must be a factual or deemed resident of Canada.

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