Line 22400 – Exploration and development expenses

Claim this amount if you invested in petroleum, natural gas, mining or certain clean energy generation and energy conservation ventures in 2023. However, if your investment constitutes the operating of a business, as opposed to a passive investment, claim this amount in the calculation of your net self-employment income on line 13500 of your return. For more information, see Lines 13499 to 14300.

If you have any questions about these expenses, contact the CRA's business enquiries line.

If you have a tax shelter, see Tax shelters.

How to claim this deduction

Complete Form T1229, Statement of Resource Expenses and Depletion Allowance, using the information that the principals of the venture gave you, such as a T5, T101 or T5013 slip. Read the instructions on the back of these slips.

Completing your tax return

Claim on line 22400 of your return the deduction you are claiming for exploration and development expenses (including renounced resource expenses).

Claim on line 23200 of your return the deduction you are claiming for depletion allowances.

Supporting documents

Attach Form T1229, as well as your T5, T101 or T5013 slips, to your paper return.

If you do not have these slips, get a statement identifying you as a participant in the venture. The statement has to show your allocation (the number of units you own, the percentage assigned to you or the ratio of your units to those of the whole partnership) and give the name and address of the fund. 

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