Real estate, depreciable property, and other properties

If you sold real estate or depreciable property, you have to report your capital gain or loss in section 5 of Schedule 3.

For information related to dispositions of rental properties that are considered flipped property, see Report your real estate income and Tax effects of buying real estate to sell for a profit.

Do not use this section to report the sale of personal-use property (such as a cottage) or the sale of mortgages and other similar debt obligations on real property. Report these transactions under the sections called Personal-use property and Bonds, debentures, promissory notes, crypto-assets, and other similar properties, respectively.

To find out what real estate includes, and special rules that may apply if the real estate included land and a building, or if you filed Form T664 or T664 (Seniors), Election to Report a Capital Gain on Property Owned at the End of February 22, 1994, see Real estate.

When you dispose of depreciable property, you may have a capital gain. Special rules on capital cost allowance (CCA) may require you to add recapture to your income or allow you to claim a terminal loss. For more information, see Depreciable property.

Completing your Schedule 3

Report dispositions on lines 13599 and 13800 of Schedule 3.

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