Find out what you need to report as income and how to enter these amounts on your tax return.

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Employment and self-employment income

Report income related to employment and self-employment, including commissions and foreign employment income

Pension and savings plan income

Report pension and savings plan income like old age security, CPP or QPP benefits, or pensions from other countries

Investment income

Report income earned through investments like interest, dividends and capital gains

Benefit income

Report benefit income from EI and other benefits, workers’ compensation benefits, social assistance payments or UCCB

COVID-19 benefits and your taxes

How to report your benefit amounts, manage issues with tax slips and look up payment options

All types of income

Review all of the types of income that you have to report on your income tax and benefit return

Amounts that are not reported or taxed

List of non-taxable amounts that you do not need to report on your income tax and benefit return

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