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Open a non-resident tax account

You can open a non-resident account online through My Account, My Business Account or Represent a client. Once you have logged in, select “Open a non-resident tax account” from the menu.

If you do not have a social insurance number, or you are opening a non-resident tax account for a trust or an estate, please contact the CRA at:

Alternatively, you can send a written request to open a non-resident tax account to the Sudbury Tax Centre.

Your first remittance

When you open your non-resident tax account the CRA will mail you Form NR75, Non-Resident Tax Account Information, which will show the information you gave CRA when you opened your account and which includes a non-resident tax remittance voucher that you should return with your first remittance.

If you have not received Form NR75 in time to make your first remittance, prepare a letter that states:

Make your payment payable to the Receiver General. Send your payment and letter to the following address:

Canada Revenue Agency
Post Office Box 3800, Station A
Sudbury ON  P3A 0C3

After you make your first remittance, the CRA will send you Form NR76, Non-resident Tax Statement of Account, which includes a non-resident tax remittance voucher that you can use with for your next remittance.

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