Representative authorization

New My Trust Account portal for representatives

The CRA has launched My Trust Account, a secure portal that lets legal and authorized representatives of trust accounts manage trust information online. You can securely access My Trust Account services through Represent a Client.

For more information, go to About My Trust Account.

All electronic authorization requests by representatives for individuals and business clients will not be activated until the representative has been verified. The CRA may contact clients to verify the representative's authorization request.

Services and information

Authorize a representative

Who can be a representative, what are your responsibilities, the types of access you can give, and the ways to authorize.

Confirm my representative's authorization request

How to verify authorization requests submitted by representatives using the CRA's secure portals and services.

Cancel authorization for a representative

How to cancel your representative's authorization.

Legal representative

Find out what a legal representative is and what types of legal representatives there are. 

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