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The Canada Arts Presentation Fund (CAPF) is committed to providing equitable funding opportunities that reflect the many perspectives of Canada’s cultural life. Special considerations may be given by the program to funding applications submitted by organizations from or supporting Indigenous, racialized, official language minority and 2SLGBTQI+ communities, organizations that are women-led, or serving D/deaf people and people living with a disability.

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The CAPF provides financial assistance to organizations that professionally present arts festivals or performing arts series (arts presenters) and organizations that offer support to arts presenters.

Through the CAPF, Canadians have access to a variety of professional artistic experiences in their communities. Each year, the CAPF supports approximately 680 professional arts festivals and performing arts series, as well as other activities related to art presentation, in more than 270 cities or communities across Canada.

The CAPF has 2 main components — Programming and Development. The Programming component has 2 streams: Professional Arts Festivals and Performing Arts Series Presenters; and Presenter Support Organizations.

You can consult the Grouped Arts Evaluation: Canada Arts Presentation Fund, Canada Cultural Spaces Fund, and Canada Cultural Investment Fund 2013-2014 to 2017-2018.


Professional Arts Festivals and Performing Arts Series Presenters

This stream provides support to existing professional arts festivals and performing arts series presenters, to offer a variety of professional artistic experiences to Canadians.

Apply Programming: Professional Arts Festivals and Performing Arts Series Presenters

Presenter Support Organizations

This stream provides support to existing presenter support organizations, to assist with activities and services that help arts presenters to evolve professionally in their field.

Apply Programming: Presenter Support Organizations


This component provides support for the emergence of arts presenters and presenter support organizations for under-served communities or artistic practices.

Note: An organization cannot apply to the Programming component and the Development component in the same year for its regular programming activities.

Apply Development — Canada Arts Presentation Fund

Creative Export Strategy

As announced on March 15, 2023, the Creative Export Strategy has been renewed for the period of 2023-24 to 2025-26. For more information, please visit the Creative Export Strategy web page.

Previously, through Canada’s Creative Export Strategy (2018-2023), the Canada Arts Presentation Fund (CAPF) was allocated $500,000 per year for a period of five years ending March 31, 2023, to offer supplemental support to existing CAPF recipients for activities that contribute to a favourable environment for Canadian cultural export by promoting Canadian artists to international markets.

Arts presentation organizations that previously accessed this support through the CAPF (Creative Export Envelope) can now apply for export support funding through the Creative Export Canada program’s two funding streams.  Applicants can contact the program to discuss their projects and determine which of the two streams is a better fit for their activities. 

Supplemental funding allocated to the Canada Arts Presentation Fund

Budget 2019 provided $8 million in additional funds to the CAPF for 2 years, 2019-2020 and 2020-2021, to support the delivery of more arts events across the country. This investment provided additional support for professional arts festivals, performing arts series presenters, and presenter support organizations, as well as new arts presenters in under-served regions. It enabled more Canadians to see, hear and celebrate the talents of Canadian artists and have access to artistic experiences that reflect Canada’s diversity. It also helped promote the talents of Canadian artists in more communities across the country.

On November 30, 2020, through the Fall Economic Statement, the Government announced a 1-year extension of the $8 million in additional funding to the CAPF, for 2021-2022. Subsequently, on April 19, 2021, Budget 2021 confirmed this supplemental funding for 2 additional years, for 2022-2023 and 2023-2024.

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