Military Personnel Generation Training Group

The Military Personnel Generation Training Group (MPGTG) trains and educates Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) members in trades that support our men and women in front line Sea, Land and Air occupations. The Commander of MPGTG is also the Commander of CFB Borden, and the headquarters are co-located at the base.

There are a total of 8 MPGTG training establishments across Canada, 4 of which are located at CFB Borden:

The other training establishments are:

MPGTG is responsible for recruit training, language training, as well as cooks, financial clerks, logisticians, Training Development Officers, firefighters, and Chaplains, to name a few. For every soldier in the field, pilot in the air or sailor at sea, there are seven other military members in trades supporting that operator in the field. MPGTGā€™s job is to train those people.

MPGTG trains approximately 17,000 military personnel annually.

View the full list of training establishments at CFB Borden and other CAF bases.

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