IM/IT 2021 Aide-Memoire for Corps and Squadrons

This reference guide aims at providing a quick reference for key IT services available to Corps/Sqn, as well as how to obtain more information or support. It is not a complete guide of IT services, nor a user guide.

Do you have an Internet connection?

There are currently 4 options available:

  • Leverage a local/free connection from the landlord when feasible.
  • Use CCO Network installed in a DND facility.
  • Use an internet connection paid by DND.
  • When no service is available alternate options can be looked at such as a mobile modem requested through your RCSU J6 via your ZTO.

Corps/Sqn must call the IT SMC Service Desk if they have questions or issues with their Internet connection.

  • Although there are still cases where you can claim your Internet connection, we are transitioning to a centrally procured approach where all contracts will be handled by IT SMC. Changes to the internet service will be communicated ahead of time to the corps/sqn shared mailbox.
  • IT SMC is currently reviewing information on Internet connections for all Corps/Sqn and therefore you may receive an e-mail requesting information.
  • Service Desk may request information regarding internet when on the phone with Corps/Sqn staff.

Do you use the laptops and printers provided?

  • Corps/Sqn are encouraged to return unutilized assets. They won’t lose their authorized allocation and can chose to have it back if their needs change as part of the “Asset Flex” initiative. 
  • To confirm their allocations, they should refer to Gp O 6002-1 Allocation of Information Technology Resources.
  • Corps/Sqn must keep at least one CCO computer and multi-function printer as they remain the best option to perform some tasks.
  • Contact the service desk and they will provide you with necessary information to return the assets.
  • Cadet365 allows many staff to utilize their own devices (BYOD) and providing a mobile and efficient solution for staff. Staff can access CCO email using their Cadet365 account with the Outlook application.
  • CCO Net Intranet (SharePoint), FORTRESS, etc. Can be accessed from a personal device using the CCO Net Web from RDS (user identification and password required).
  • No CCO Net computer should be running Windows 7, and those assets must be returned, please contact the Service Desk for details.
  • All assets running on Windows 10 must be updated to 1909, it is recommended that you process this task on the fastest internet connection possible. Follow these instructions.
  • Mandatory updates run monthly, keep your CCO Net computer connected to CCO Net one night a month and this will ensure you receive the updates.

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Do you use FORTRESS properly and maintain records and data accurately?

FORTRESS data is used at the Corps/Sqn for many purposes, but it is also used to populate the Corps/Sqn web Directory and RGMT, to select cadets, manage RDAs/NDAs and CTCs, to organize transportation, to produce statistics, to support contact tracing, and create Cadet365 accounts, etc. Accuracy of the data, in a timely manner, is very important. Here a few important things to remember:

Corps/Sqn must perform the annual validation at the beginning of every training year. Information should also be updated after a change in a cadet situation (e.g. move).

  • The annual validation form (AVF) is a Protected A document, however IAW CANCDTGEN 030/20 with the consent of the parents/guardians, it can be sent to them electronically for completion (from a CCO Net email), by regular mail or delivered in person; and the completed form can be returned either via email (to a CCO email), in person, or via regular mail.
  • If no annual validation is completed, cadets will not be allowed to submit participation applications for activities by selection (summer courses, staff cadet positions, NDAs and RDAs).
  • Batch Input functionality allows you to validate multiple cadets at once if those cadets have no changes to declare.
  • Corps/Sqn should take attendance for In-person activities in a timely manner. This will support contact tracing and provide them with accurate information on the participation.
  • Corps/Sqn should verify and update their unit information in FORTRESS as this information is used to feed the Corps/Sqn web Directory and the RGMT, Corps/Sqns can review their current information using Find a cadet corps or squadron and make required changes in FORTRESS.
  • FORTRESS help resources are available within the CCO Net Intranet (SharePoint).

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Do you have the capability to do virtual/online engagement?

With the introduction of Cadet365 all corps/squadron staff now have a single platform for virtual/online engagement. All staff should have their account activations prior to September.

Do you track applications from the Online Registration Tool?

The Online Registration Tool is currently an application to enable parents/youth to fill out their registration form online. It is different from last year’s version where parents/youth could only request a specific Corps/Sqn to contact them. The registration process is still the same and requires the application to be input into FORTRESS. The digital application will contain all required information to complete this step as all fields must be filled to submit.

Important things to know about this tool are that:

  • You can continue in a paper-based format but should be completed using the new official form which can be downloaded from the Online Registration Tool (ORT) homepage.
  • Older CF-1158 will be accepted for a certain period of time and must include a wet signature from the CO.
  • Forms submitted through the ORT still require to be printed, signed by the Corps/Sqn CO and filed. Forms submitted through the ORT no longer require parents/guardians wet (physical) signature.
    Applications are sent to the Corps/Sqn generic email address which is accessible by all Corps/Sqn staff.
  • It links to the Corps/Sqn Directory, which pulls data from FORTRESS.
  • FAQs for staff are available here.
  • You can use this link which provides all the information to join cadets, in recruiting products :

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Do you know about the Data Portal and RGMT?

The Data Portal includes a Unit Dashboard and the Regional Growth Management Toolkit (RGMT), which provides key data and maps to target growth and retention actions. RGMT has been updated with data from 2019, while 2020 data is still being analyzed to determine the impact of COVID.

Do you use appropriate methods to store, copy and share information among staff?

Although not a full list of security measures, the following are key safeguards to be applied by staff:

  • To protect information and prevent virus, personal USB drives/sticks are not allowed to be connected to DND/CAF assets & networks. Staff should seek alternate means to copy and share information, such as using email, Teams including OneDrive and SharePoint. 
  • Further to this, Gp O 6002-4 Management of Portable Information Technology Device clarifies that Corps/Sqn are not entitled to a DND-owned USB device. These devices shall be returned to IT SMC by contacting the Service Desk.
  • Protected A information shall not be shared to/from personal email but remain within CCO Net / Cadet365 in Teams only accessible by staff. Each Cadet365 user has a email, which is accessible from all CCO Net computers and personal devices, using the Outlook Application as part of the launch of Cadet365.
  • Infographics on information management and cybersecurity are available online at IT Security and Cyber Awareness.

Do you know where IT SMC communicates about IM/IT?

  • Information is shared on the COATS & Volunteers Facebook page each Tuesday as part of our Tech Tuesday series.
  • Outages or interruption in services are posted on the COATS & Volunteers page.
  • The CJCR Mobile Application has many resources, and updates regarding policies, a great resource for staff, parents, and cadets.
  • Emphasis should be placed on consulting Cadet365 emails frequently by all staff for them to stay informed and for the chain of command to be able to rely on it to reach its staff. Which are now easier to access than ever remotely with the new Outlook App.

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Do you know how to contact the IT SMC and where to find help resources?

Key information to obtain help and support are:

  • IT SMC can be contacted by email at or by phone at 1-855-252-8082. During the training year, the Service Desk is open 0800 to 2100 Monday-Friday, for all time zones.
  • E-mail is preferred for requests, and telephone for technical support.
  • Help resources are available on the IT Resources Page
  • The Live Status Indicator provides up to date information regarding network and application status.


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