Book 1: Ministerial Portfolio Overview

From: Employment and Social Development Canada

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Dear Minister: A letter to an old friend on being a successful minister

A letter from The Honourable Gordon Osbaldeston, P.C., O.C, written to a friend providing guidance and advice on being a successful Minister.

Early decisions

ESDC departmental 101

Overview of the department – who we are, what we do, and who we serve.


Eight infographics have been developed to provide a visual depiction of ESDC and the environment in which we operate.

  1. ESDC 101
  2. Modernizing services for Canadians
  3. Well-being 101
  4. Supporting well-being
  5. The changing nature of work
  6. The evolving Canadian workplace
  7. Addressing labour shortages
  8. Supporting lifelong learning
  9. Legislation under the purview of the Minister of Labour
  10. Industries under Federal Jurisdiction

Welcome letters

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