Apply for the Apprenticeship Completion Grant: More information

More information

How the ACG affects Employment Insurance (EI) benefits

You may receive Employment Insurance (EI) benefits as an apprentice if you:

  • have worked between 420 and 700 hours and
  • meet all of the eligibility requirements to make a claim

The Apprenticeship Completion Grant is not considered earnings from employment. It does not affect your Employment Insurance (EI) benefits. You do not need to include these grants in your EI reports.

Tax information

The Apprenticeship Completion Grant is taxable.

You will get a T4A slip in the mail the year after you receive payment. Quebec residents get a Relevé 1 tax slip. Contact Apprenticeship Grants to:

  • update your contact information
  • ask for your T4A/Relevé 1 if you don’t have it in time to file your taxes

How family support debts affect your grant

Under the Family Orders and Agreements Enforcement Assistance Act (FOAEAA), we can redirect all or part of your grant money to a third party if you owe family support payments.

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