Canada recognizes the extension of validity of Venezuelan passports

Ottawa, August 19, 2019 – Canada recognizes the decree published by the Venezuelan National Assembly on June 7, 2019, to extend the validity of Venezuelan passports (excluding provisional passports). Venezuelan passport holders who want to travel to or stay in Canada can now continue to use their passport if it expired less than 5 years ago or will soon expire.

Applicants with expired or soon-to-expire Venezuelan passports should continue to submit their application through the normal process set out in the application guide. However, if IRCC’s website indicates otherwise, extra steps may have to be completed.

If you hold a passport covered by the decree, you may use it to

Applicants must meet all entry requirements for Canada, including being admissible to the country.

If you wish to travel to another country, you should contact the embassy of that country to learn about its specific travel document requirements.

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