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What you need to apply and manage your application, including the IRCC secure account, application status, forms and guides, offices, fees, medical exams and police checks.

Services and information

Sign in or create an IRCC secure account

Apply or manage your application for a visitor visa, a study permit, a work permit, Express Entry, health care for refugees, a citizenship certificate, citizenship records and more

How to check your application status

Get online updates for your application using basic personal details

Find forms and guides

Get the forms you need to apply to come to Canada, to apply for Canadian citizenship or to get a permanent resident card

Check application processing times

How long it takes to process applications by type, country and how you applied (paper or online)

Pay your fees

How to pay online or at a bank, based on what you applied for and where you are

Request a refund

How to request a refund, view your receipts and save a copy for your records

Change your address

How to change your address, depending on where you are and if you have an application in progress right now

Ask about or update your application

Find out how to track, update or ask a question about your application

Get a police check

Who needs to get a police certificate, and how and where to get one in the country where you live

Get biometrics

How to give your fingerprints and photo for an application, and where to submit your biometrics

Get a medical exam

Who needs to get a medical exam, and which doctors can do them in the country where you live

Find an office

Visa application centres, visa offices outside and in Canada and where to send your application

Use a representative

Hire a representative, file a complaint or authorize an unpaid third party to help with your application

Protect yourself from fraud

Avoid becoming a victim of immigration fraud, such as marriage fraud, document fraud or email and internet scams


How to send a complete immigration application

Learn how to avoid common errors that can cause delays in processing your application to come to Canada.

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