The test result and next steps

You need to get at least 15 out of 20 questions correct to pass the test.

Once you submit the test, the result page will immediately display your score. This score is

Within your 30-day test period, you also have up to 3 chances to take the test.

If you pass the test, we’ll do the following in the upcoming months:

Your test result may be invalid if

For more information, find out what to expect after you take the test.

The ‘Print’ and ‘Email’ buttons

At the bottom of the test result page, there are buttons to print and email the result. You should print or email the result for your records. You can’t sign in to view your results again.

Emailing the test result to yourself

After you click the “Email” button, a disclaimer will appear on your screen. You need to agree to the disclaimer to get your test result by email.

We’ll email the result to your or your representative’s email address. This is the same email that you provided to us

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