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Official passports

An official passport (special or diplomatic passport) tells international border officials that the bearer is:

  • travelling on official business
  • representing Canada abroad

We decide if you get a special or diplomatic passport.

Need an official passport for your child?

Find out how to submit an application for your child. You can’t apply as a family. You’ll have to submit a separate application for your child. You don’t have to submit the applications at the same time, but can if you wish.

How to use an official passport

Before your trip

Apply for an official passport before your trip. You should also allow time for the processing of a foreign visa, if you need one.



Visa (if needed) is an extra $90/visa

Processing time 

15 business days

Doesn’t include the time to get a foreign visa. We have no control over the time it takes another country to process a visa and can’t influence foreign processing times.

Use your official passport for official business

When you use your special or diplomatic passport, you must

Reasons for using an official passport for non-official business

You can only use your official passport when travelling for personal reasons if you’re

The only exception to these situations is if you requested permission to do so and we gave you permission.

In any other situation, you must use your regular (blue) passport.

Keep your passport safe and use it appropriately

Your or your child’s special or diplomatic passport remains the property of the Government of Canada at all times. You’re responsible for the appropriate use and safekeeping of your passport.

If you don’t use your special or diplomatic passport appropriately, we may

  • no longer let you keep the special or diplomatic passport
  • cancel the passport
  • refuse to issue future special or diplomatic passports in your name or in your child’s name

After your trip

You must return your official passport to us when you complete an official trip unless you’re told otherwise. Your department may have an agreement with us.

We can revoke your passport or deny an official passport in the future if you don’t follow these instructions.

Urgent requests

We can’t always address urgent requests for an official passport. Urgent requests must be exceptional and supported by proper justification (such as proof of travel).

Contact Official Travel for more information.

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