After you apply

How we process your application

We’ll review your application and send you an acknowledgement of receipt (AOR) that includes your application number.

After we confirm you’re eligible, we’ll:

Get your biometrics (fingerprints and photo) taken

If you’re between 14 and 79 years old, you may need to give your fingerprints and photo (biometrics).

Find out who needs to give biometricshow to give them and where to give them.

After you pay the biometrics fee with a complete application, we’ll send you a letter to tell you how and where to give your biometrics.

Things that may delay your application

In some cases, it may take us longer to process your application if your application is complex. An application may be more complex if:

Keep your information up to date

To avoid delays in processing, make sure your contact information and your application details are up to date.

If you change your contact information, make sure you check your old contact information until we update your application.

Check your application status

When you get your acknowledgement of receipt (AOR) letter you can check the status of your application using your application number.

This can also take several weeks or even months. Unfortunately, we can’t give an exact time because every case is different.

Our telephone and social media agents also won’t be able to tell you the date you’ll get the letter with your application number. They don’t have this information.

You can check your application status by using the online tool, which is updated daily

If you can’t view the status of your application, contact us to report a technical problem.

If we approve your application

If we approve your application, we’ll contact you using the phone number or email you provided to:

Permanent resident cards

Once you become a permanent resident, we’ll make an electronic confirmation of permanent residence (e-COPR) available to you in the PR confirmation portal to provide proof of your new status in Canada. In this portal, we’ll also ask you to provide a photo so we can start the process of issuing your first PR card. You don’t need to apply for your first PR card.

While you wait for your PR card, you can use your signed e-COPR to:

If we refuse your application

We’ll send you a letter and tell you why we refused your application.

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