Apply for, renew or replace a PR card: Before you apply

Before you apply

A permanent resident card (PR card) is usually issued for five years, but can sometimes be issued for one year instead. It is valid until the expiry date listed on the card.

We only send PR cards to addresses within Canada. In some cases, you may have to pick up your card in person at one of our Canadian offices.

If you find a mistake on your PR card you can ask for it to be reissued. Sometimes we shorten a name on the card if it is too long to fit. This is not a mistake. Find out how to fix a mistake on your PR card.

Replace a lost, stolen or destroyed PR card

You need to tell us what happened before you apply.

If you are outside Canada, go to the nearest visa office. Then you need to apply for a permanent resident travel document (PRTD) to return to Canada. When you are back in Canada, you can continue with your application.

If you are inside Canada, tell us what happened using this web form. To complete the form:

  1. Choose Tell us more then answer No and Proceed to Web form.
  2. Choose Permanent resident card and Renewal and replacement.
  3. Fill in your details.

Then continue with your application.

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