About List A and medically important antimicrobials

List A names certain antimicrobial active pharmaceutical ingredients that are important in human medicine. We have put a number of measures in place to help limit the development of resistance to these medically-important antimicrobials (MIAs).

When used in animals, for example, ingredients on List A have restrictions around personal importation. There are also requirements for reporting sales of MIAs. These measures aim to protect public health and food safety.

List A includes:

  • antimicrobials that meet the categorization criteria (category I, II and III) for MIAs or
  • first in-class antimicrobial entities not yet categorized

Changes to List A

We make changes to List A as required, including when:

  • Health Canada approves a new antimicrobial that meets the categorization criteria
  • there is new information about an antimicrobial available on the international market
  • there is new information about an antimicrobial already on the list

We will notify the public through a consultation on proposed changes to List A before any change is made.

Input from stakeholders and other members of the public is considered before we post a Final Notice to Amend List A. The Final Notice includes the List A changes that will take effect when it is published.

List of Final Notices to Amend List A

Final notices are provided below regarding amendments to List A for information and reference purposes.


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